Create and market your online offer.  pictur os the world held in extended hands

Maybe the challenges of 2020 has made you consider doing business online.
Maybe the restrictions have made your current business exceptionally difficult.
Maybe you think doing what you do is impossible online – I really want to speak to you!
Maybe you hear about these people who make money while they sleep and think – well thanks alright for them…

Have you tried already to create something and found yourself spending hours trying to decide what tool to use?
Have you started to build something and got yourself in a total muddle?
Do you think there is no point in me doing that other people already do it?  Why would anyone want it from me?  Does the cost of all the tools you need to make it work make you decide not to bother?

Let me tell you, you don’t need all those fancy tools.  Let me assure you if other people are selling something similar then they have proven there is a market – there is space for you in that market.
I will help you work out what you can offer

I will help you work out what tools you need without spending a fortune.  I have worked in the charity sector for years – I learned how to spin gold from a minimum budget and make a plan work with no budget.
I will show you what tools to consider cutting down your research time,  help you choose the right one first time, cutting your costs.

I will give you all the information you need to bundle what you have, decide who it is for and what it will do for them, create a product or service and pull it together in as little as a few weeks with dedication, test the market and put it out for sale.  You bring your business expertise and I support you to make it onlineable and market it for it’s first launch.

“After years of trying and lots of courses in one week Fiona has managed me to identify my ideal client, create a course. A group and have people agree to go on my course . Amazing !” – Pamela, Body in Mind

You will get:

  • One to coaching calls with me to support you, answer questions, cheer you on and push you on if you need it. To keep you on track, support you if you are stuck and move you forward to your goal
  • Email support inbetween. So you don’t have to wait till the next call, sorting out problems to help you move forward.
  • Support to identify your ideal client for this offer and develop your marketing messaging and materials
  • Hand holding all the way to your launch
  • Support as you make your first sales
  • So if you are ready to push this idea forward and make it a reality this is the package for you.
  • You will have support every step of the way and all the years of knowledge I have collected at your fingertips.
  • You really can have your course or service or package ready and being sold for money in a matter of weeks if you are focused and committed.

I have been told I am bonkers offering this at this low price but I really want to support people to bring their magic and talent online – to share with a bigger audience so all of this is £497
To ensure you get lots of my help and attention there are only 5 places available.

Ready to go?  Have a look at my calender.

Have questions?  Book a Zoom call to discuss.