BE SEEN EVEN IF YOU’RE SCARED – how to hit that LIVE button confidently

Do you just cringe at the very thought of “going live” maybe being on video scares the bejezzers out of you. Would you like to be able to smile, press the red button and talk to your people?
Come and join my free three day mini course where I will help you be confident and click that live button.

How does the mini course work?

We will have a Facebook group where you can practice making videos with a smaller group. I will show you what you need to know and support you to feel confident to go live on your own page. you don’t need any fancy equipment we will simply use your phone, tablet or laptop.
I will help you with what to say, how to say it and working with the technology.
You know you need video for your business, it is a lovely way to connect with your client on a more intimate level. People can know, like and trust you faster and it is simply a fast and easy way to get your message across.
So if you are ready up your video game in a supportive environment this is the challenge for you

What we will cover

  • Why you need video in your business
  • Facebook live
  • How to look good on video
  • Recording a video and posting in the group
  • What equipment you need & want (spoiler alert, you already have it)
We start on the Monday 24th May you can sign up here.