What is NLP? 
It is Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Does that help? – no I didn’t think so. 
Neuro meaning the brain and nervous system
Linguistic meaning language and how we speak
and programming meaning patterns, habits and pathways.  You know when you drive up a muddy field and carve ruts in the ground.  When you travel the same path you might fall into the same pathway. 

Some of these pathways are helpful and some not so.  We can create new pathways and habits and NLP can shortcut the process.  Sometimes we can use NLP just to understand things the way they are, help us to be aware that we act a certain way or even to notice behaviours in others.

People have described NLP as

  • a life hack for the brain
  • a study of what works
  • the essence of excellence

And I have to say I the more I learn, the more curious I become, and I am constantly being blown away by the magic I see happening.

When did I first become aware of NLP?
A very good friend studied NLP and she practiced on me when I visited.  She challenged my thought patterns, sometimes the words I used and asking things that made me stop in my tracks.

Then I heard Dr David Hamilton speak, and subsequently attended one of his courses.  Interestingly as far as I know he does not use NLP,  it simply opened up for me how powerful the brain is.  For those of you who have not heard or come across his work he is a scientist who, while working for a drug company, became fascinated by the placebo effect. How the symptoms disappeared or improved because the patient believed they were having treatment.  Meaning the body healed itself, the brain knew the body was to heal and so it did.  He went on to the write the book “How the Mind Heals the Body”.

I was hooked.  I read books, I did little courses but I did not value myself enough to invest a four figure sum on learning.  This was short sighted.

When I finally met Anna Bell I liked her teaching style and her gentle approach.  So decided it was time, I completed an introduction and then went on to achieve my NLP Practitioner qualification. 

It did not disappoint.  I find it hard to describe what NLP does/is without using the term magic.

When I was just first qualified, I worked with a lady who wanted to stop eating chocolate.  She was completely obsessed by chocolate and would create reasons to go out so she could buy it.  We spoke for about 45 mins (again much more to this than just speaking) and she hasn’t touched chocolate since.  She didn’t like the smell of it immediately and when she tried it a few days later didn’t enjoy it and couldn’t finish it. 

Greater than all that, the magic is the personal development.  I have a much better relationship with key people in my life and an improved relationship with myself.
Now it is OK to be more me – Finally all those memes and quotes about “being yourself” have real meaning.  Anna uses the term congruent and I feel very congruent.  I can and should be the real and full blown version of myself and I want to encourage you to be that too.   Interactions with people are easier too. 

Why do you care?
You might want to try it!
I use NLP in my coaching along with other tools.  It can help you navigate tricky relationships, make decisions, understand your behaviours and that of others.  From a business point of view it can help you release what is blocking you, help you choose a direction and help you feel braver to set and achieve your goals.

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