Using video in your content
Do you think “I would love to use video in my business” but it just scares the bejeezers out of you?
The dialogue goes along the lines of…..
· I hate my own voice
· I’ll wait till my hair is done
· I don’t look good enough for the camera
· How many chins?
Let me tell you, nobody cares.
We are our own worst critic, we are so hard on ourselves and our audience doesn’t see us the same way.
Do you notice if someone you are watching isn’t fresh out of the salon? Are you judging how many chins they have OR ARE YOU LISTENING TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO TELL YOU??? I am surprized if you like you presenters well groomed and salon fresh that you find yourself here, that is not how you normally find me.
Video is such a great medium because we really get to know people when we can hear their voice and see their expressions. It helps speed up the know, like and trust factor so clients and potential clients will feel comfortable with you quicker.
Sometimes it is just easier to explain something by talking about it rather than writing it down.
Some people don’t read things on social media they just watch, they prefer to hear what you have to say. It is a different experience when you read rather than write. In the same way it is different to hear rather than read.
You may have seen me on camera and be thinking, “well it’s Ok for her.” It wasn’t always like this, I remember the first time I joined a Zoom call and was appalled to find it was expected to have your camera on.
I joined a video challenge and went from absolutely terrible, terrified, mumbling, talking as fast as I can – let me out of here kinda way to being able to hold my head up and talk in a relaxed way to the camera with a little practice.
No one ever became and expert without doing something for the first time. Why not give it a go?
You certainly get better with practice. You may still be nervous but it is harder for people to notice and it is so worth it.
Would you prefer to be part of a group as you go ahead and be seen? I am holding a challenge with all the information and support you need to be seen even if you are scared. This free challenge will help you gain confidence in just 3 days – I’ll be telling you more in the coming days so sign up to my mailing list here to make sure you are the first to know…