Animations for your business

We all know it is a great idea to have video content for our business.  People spend longer on your social media, website or even in your email marketing when there is a video to watch.  Animation videos are a great way to get your point across.  They are fun, visual and with a combination of use of voice and images on the screen, can keep the viewer entertained while they hear your message.

Whiteboard Animation

This is a fun way of using cartoon characters, charts and writing on whiteboards and splashes of colour if you like.  If you choose to use a voice over, the character will talk in the right timing.

Colour Animation

Another option is to have your video in colour, with stock or personalised characters and a choice of settings.  You can add your own images, and can still have whiteboards, words and charts on the screen.

12 + 7 =

What happens next?

Book a 15 minute chat or complete the form and Fiona will get in touch.  We will discuss what you want to achieve with your video and some ideas.

Fiona will create the script and you will discuss any changes.  You provide custom graphics you want to include such as your logo. Once the script is finalised the animation will be created and modifications can be made.

Once you are happy with the animation, the final version is provided to you in MP4 format.  Support can be provide to include this on your website, upload to You Tube or use in Social Media.

Book a call or complete the form to take the first step to having your own animation.