Get your business online for £175

Quick, Simple, Affordable Alternative To A Full Website 

Feel under pressure to have an online presence?  Not sure if you want to build it yourself and certainly don’t have the funds to pay £100’s or £1000’s for a professional build.

I am delighted to be able to bring this low entry level offer to you.  This is perfect for a service based business that is either new or simply wants an intro page and not to go to the trouble of a “whole” website.

Or a product business that has a shop else where and you simply want a page to introduce yourself, your mission and point to your shop.

Or if you only need a single page because you are not ready to offer a blog and a single page is enough for you to fit all your information.

You can have all your own pictures, your logo or banner image, a contact form, links to social media accounts or other websites, a buy now button if you want.

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Are you a start up?
Being pulled in all directions?

Are you a start up?

You have big plans for your business but there is just so much to do.  You want to get on with the work but you need to sort taxes, accounts, organise equipment.  You know you need a website and a Facebook page and you should probably get a logo too.  Maybe you even need your name on your vehicle.  Everything is too much hassle and soo expensive.  STOP!

Of course it is a great idea to design your brand and buy everything all pretty and matching, but let’s face it, there is a lot to do with starting up and you would be better spending your time focusing on getting and looking after your first few customers than spending time in meeting with a logo designer or web designer hassling you for answers about what you want and who your “ideal customer” is.  Do you even know that?

Here is the thing, a lot of start ups completely change direction, decide to do something a little different or a lot different.  Getting a “feel” for how your business is going to work before spending £££ on branding and a flashy website is certainly a good idea.

This single page option is a quick and budget friendly way to get you up and running.  It includes everything you need to get a website up and running fast.  You can secure your domain name (that is the www. thingy incase you are wondering) get proper email and have a nice looking site explaining what you do and giving people a way to contact you.  It is all you need and it will give you a professional look from the start.  You will spend minimal time organising it and minimal money.  Will you want something flashy later?  Probably but let’s get you off the ground first then we can worry about that when you are ready.  Let’s face it, time and money are precious just now.

What exactly do I get?

  • A single page website with your colours and branding provided by you or stock images by me.
  • A contact form and email capture.
  • A domain name (restrictions apply)
  • 4 months hosting of website
  • 4 months email hosting

All of this for only £175 and you could be up and running within two weeks.

Are there on going costs?

You simply pay to keep the site and your email hosted – £20 per quarter.

One simple edit is included per year and further edits come with a small fee.


What happens when I am ready to add more pages?

That’s great that your business is growing, we can add a page at a time or several at once when you are ready.  I will help you make sure you have all the content you need and want for a larger site.

What happens when I want to move my site to somewhere else?

While I would love you stay and can make changes to your site as your business grows and changes, it is a simple matter to move, just let me know where we are going and I will make the transfer.

Do I own my domain name?

Yes of course.  It will be registered to you and you can move it anytime (as above).

How long till my site is ready?

Normal turn around time is two weeks from the time you provide all the information.  You will see your page as it is being built and have the chance to make changes.  Your prompt feedback insures it is completed within the two week time frame.

First things first, let’s have a chat and make sure this is what you need, talk about your business and what you want.  Book your no obligation chat here.  If you are local and want to meet up face to face, message me here.