Your website is your store front, whether you sell services or products.  Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It continues to work for you when you sleep.

You need a website that looks great, is a reflection on your brand and properly conveys the image you want your customers and potential customers to see.

You need the right engaging words to keep website visitors interested and you will also need reasons for them to take the next step.

I can help from a website spruce up to a complete rebuild.  We will work together to make sure the website is what you need and want it to be.

Time and time again I find people are just so completely overwhelmed with all the options. They ask around and become even more confused, that is because no one solution suits everyone. Many people choose the DIY option because they want to save money or they are simply fiercely independent and think they can do everything on their own. It is a great option for many but sometimes people start this and end up frustrated, stuck and even months later still have no website or they have managed to create one but they hate it.  Others go all out and spend big bucks and still find the process disappointing.

Of course there are at least as many people who chose these options and are totally delighted with their decision and the website serves their business beautifully for years to come.

I want to help you understand your options better and choose the right solution for you – not your neighbour, your brother or the lassie on Facebook who told you this was the only way. This is why I am offering a free no obligation 20 minute talk about your options.  You can ask me anything and I will help you decide on the best options for you.

The technical stuff (if you don’t care about the details scroll past the boring bit).

WordPress using the Divi theme is my tool of choice.  When your site is complete, I can show you what to do and if you want to, you can edit your own site.  I am still here of course and am delighted to make changes and updates when you have requirement.  I can also provide further training if you prefer to take care of this yourself.

Divi is a much loved WordPress theme.  I can reassure you that you will have no problems finding another developer should you choose to no longer work with me.  I hope that is not the case but want you to know that the foundations of your website are not some strange customised thing that only 3 people in the world know how to use.

Sometimes people just prefer to use a DIY builder like Weebly or Wix.  There are a few reasons why I would guide you to WordPress instead but if this is your choice, I can help you. I can build your entire site here, help you out of a pickle, sort little or big bits that you are stuck with or give you training so you can go ahead and master it for yourself.  Rest assured, I will do my best to work with what you have and I know my way around these platforms and the tricks to get more out of them.

What does a website cost?

I hate when people don’t give a straight answer to this question so I won’t say it depends, even though it does!  Typically people spend around £1000 for a full website with me. However, there are big things to consider like, are you selling things directly from your site and do you have a logo and branding already and little things like are you providing pictures. Also if you only want a single page, I offer this for £175. It really is easiest if we just talk. Here is my calendar.